How to Make Your Website Stand Out from Competitors

How to make your website stand out

Ready to learn how to make your website stand out? I’m so excited to teach you the very same techniques I use in the websites I custom-design for my clients. Let’s get to it, then!

Don’t copy someone else

This is a hard one, but is one of the biggest mistakes you can make! Just because someone is successful in the industry doesn’t mean that you should copy them. (It’s also a copyright infringement.) Plus, wouldn’t it be awful if a potential client noticed the uncanny resemblance and picked your competitor (or neither of you!) as a result?

So, how do you stand out without grabbing inspiration from your top competitors? Keep reading.

iPad mockup of a Showit website

Focus on what makes you unique

So, what is it about you that makes you different? And how does that relate to your clients? Focus your messaging and overall website layout on how you do things your own way. This is where keeping your head down really comes in handy. You can promote your signature process, editing style or whatever it might be that only you do, and in that way!

Mix in your personality

People should want to hire you because it’s you and your expertise behind that website! By sharing more personal details, even if it’s just the coffee you like drinking, you’ll resonate with people who share the same interests and values. And when you attract the right people, you’ll love your job even more! So don’t be afraid to just be you. That’s who they’ll be working with at the end of the day!

Web designer brand shoot in a living room

Don’t target an audience that is too broad

One of the things that makes you different is also who you serve! If you don’t cater to every single person out there (which you shouldn’t), narrow down who it is that you’re speaking too. This makes it easier to refine your website and ensure that it’s speaking to the right people — your people.

Niche down

If you already know that you love working with boho brides, or minimal web designers, go ahead and put that out there. And of course, if you love working with a variety of people, use your personality to create a “tribe” without excluding anyone.

Ipad mockups of a website showing you how to make your website stand out

Incorporate custom brand photos

Have you ever considered planning a website photoshoot? It’s essentially a brand photoshoot, but with a goal to curate content for your website pages, blog posts and even social media! Using one-of-a-kind photos will make your website stand out even more.

Brand your website

The logos, fonts and color palette you use on your website makes a big impact. Ensure that you have consistent branding you can apply on your website and any other materials.

Mobile and desktop mockup showing you how to make your website stand out

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