I'm so glad you're here.

You being here tells me a couple things...

Whether it's your website or your branding, or both, you aren't feeling 100% confident and excited about your business's visual presence. And you're itching to change that.

You're thrilled about your business and what you have to offer the world but you can't seem to reach your ideal client. 

Web design, branding, SEO, marketing, and strategy just aren't your thing. And that's okay, because these are the things I'M passionate about!

If you feel like I'm reading your mind right now, you're in the right place!

Mary Katherine Design Studio, MKDS, is a one-woman brand + web design studio based in Carmel, Indiana. I'm dedicated to working with clients who are ready to make a big change with their web presence and brand visuals. I want you to confidently share your website!

Get to know Mary!

Meet Mary

Five fun facts about the girl behind the biz

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When I was little, I used to cut apart Pottery Barn Kids magazines and rearrange the rooms. I even picked out paint and flooring swatches from Home Depot. My love of design and the arts started young! 

I studied graphic design and marketing at the University of Dayton in Ohio before moving to Carmel, Indiana for a graphic design position at a full-service marketing agency. I worked in the agency world for almost three years before I started my own studio.

I got married on October 5, 2019 to my husband Levi. He's my best friend, Head of IT for MKDS, and the biggest supporter of my dreams.

We love hosting friends for game/movie night, going out for burgers, hanging out with our families, and spending time with our awesome church community.

I LOVE to travel! I am blessed to be part of a family that travels fairly often and to be married to a fellow travel lover now! I studied abroad in Florence, Italy in college which was probably one of the coolest experiences I've had. And I went back to Florence with my husband as part of our honeymoon!

I'm always dreaming about our next adventure.

I'm always dancing! Growing up, I tried all the sports but I always went back to dance. I'm no prima ballerina, but I've always loved to perform.

I was on my high school's dance team, danced in a group in college, and now I go to zumba classes or just dance around my house. 

My faith in God has been a big part of my life since high school. I truly don't know where I'd be without Him! I've always loved attending retreats, young adult small group meetings (that's how Levi and I met), and volunteering. I strive to serve all my clients in a way that is honoring to God!

Levi and I were married at the church where we met! And we both come from big Christian families - it's the best!


Mary truly took the time to invest in ME to make sure she could create the perfect face to my brand!


Jenn Plumlee Photography

Mary knows what questions to ask before you even have them. The design process was so easy and seamless!


Monica Ann Photography

Mary's professionalism is obvious from her website, but in working with her I truly was able to see just how good she is at her field of work.


Solstice Floral

Our website turned out better than I could have imagined. The overall aesthetic is very in line with our brand!


Oliver's Twist

You just cannot overlook the time and stress it will save you to entrust it to someone WAY more capable than you.


Boldt Darsey

I loved feeling like we worked together to create a brand and website that reflects my heart and the heart of my business!


Logan Almond Photography

Trust the pros!
Your time is valuable!


Melanie Foster Photography