Best Small Business Website Builder

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For entrepreneurs that need a stand-out presence, let me introduce you to the best small business website builder you can find. It’s a platform called Showit (affiliate link for one month free!), and as a web designer, it has reinvented the entire web design game. No more coding, expensive developer costs, or tricky website updates.

Need to swap out a photo? Easy! Hoping to update your pricing within minutes? Check. Want to update your entire color palette? Done. Ready for a refresh and need a talented designer to help? There are so many. Stuck on the tech? Check out their customer support!

photography small business website builder
photographer small business website builder

What is Showit?

Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder, host, and amazing customer support team all in one! It started as a website builder for photographers, but the company has grown into the go-to platform for industries that want an impeccable web design without the cost of a custom developer.

Showit website samples

I do work with a lot of amazing photographers, but I’ve also used Showit to design and build websites for a stationery designer, interior designer, dentist, church and so many other small businesses in diverse industries.

small business website for dentist
website builder for interior designer

The SEO benefits of WordPress without custom code

Most SEO experts recommend WordPress for SEO. The best part about Showit is that you get all of the WordPress benefits, without having to code a thing! The design of your website is set up in Showit’s easy-to-use platform. But if you want to boost your rankings, Showit integrates with WordPress for blogging!

WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging platforms out there. I love that my clients get to use all the amazing features it offers for their Showit websites. Click here to learn more about blogging on Showit.

Complete control over the look

If you want an image at the top with text and a call to action below, you can make that happen without coding. You just add a text box, an image, and a button. It’s that easy! They also have templates if the design aspect isn’t your forte.

As a custom designer for the platform, I start every custom project with a completely blank white page and build up from there. It’s almost like designing a website in Illustrator or Canva, honestly. This allows me to build websites that are unique to each client.

The platform is easy to learn!

Of course, there’s always a learning curve with any new program, but it’s much easier than learning other website platforms I’ve used. I teach my clients how to use the builder if they aren’t already familiar with it. After an hour or two of training, they are confident about updating their website without me.

small business website builder for stationary designer
dentist website design

Amazing customer service

Showit has an excellent support team that helps with ALL aspects of editing, launching, etc. And they have some pretty awesome help documents filled with everything you need to know to update your website too. All these resources helped me to master the platform as a designer pretty quickly.

Supportive community

Also, there’s an amazing and supportive community of Showit website designers and users out there. If you need help, want ideas, or just want to get some feedback, you can find a whole community of small business owners here.

Is it time for you to try out Showit?! Check them out.

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