Showit Website Launch: This Old Soul Photography

Grab your Champagne because today’s blog post is all about This Old Soul Photography’s Showit website launch! There are so many beautiful details in Julia’s website so if you haven’t checked out the site live yet, do it! I love all my clients, and a lot of them turn into friends, but Julia is actually someone I was friends with before we started working together. We were in a faith-based community together at UD and I don’t think we ever imagined we would both end up being creative business owners one day. But it’s been such a huge blessing to support each other throughout the first couple years of our business journeys.

Julia actually worked with another designer a couple years ago for her beautiful branding when she first started her business, which was not originally a photography business, but she hired me for her new website and some other fun collateral items! Let’s dive right into all the pretty pictures and Julia’s thoughts on the web design experience with MKDS.


What’s your favorite part of your new website?

My favorite part, hands down, is the way Mary seamlessly tied my photos and brand message together. I love the galleries and how well they fit with my branding.

What was your favorite part of the website design process and working with MKDS?

My favorite part is working with someone who is so genuine and cares so much about her clients. It is evident that she truly understands the message her clients want to send.


Julia Mosier’s, photographer at This Old Soul, new website on an iPad


Did we successfully accomplish your goals for the project?

More than 1000%! Mary really helped me to design a website that will stand the test of time.

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

I think it will drive inquiries into money for my business. I’ve already seen success since we launched last week with people booking right away instead of ghosting.

What advice would you offer someone who is on the fence about investing in custom website design?

To do it! It helps bring your branding to life and can help you hone in on your vision for your company.

How would you sum up your experience with MKDS?

Amazing, beautiful and genuine. Thank you, Mary, for taking the time to design me this beautiful website.


The home page design of Julia’s new Showit website

This Old Soul’s new website design on iPad

Showit website design snapshot of Julia Mosier’s new website


Check out Julia’s new website!

And remember how I mentioned designing some other fun collateral items? How cute are her new tote bags, candy boxes, and stationery cards?!


“Enjoy the journey” tote bag design for This Old Soul Photography

Custom candy box design for client gifting branded in This Old Soul’s colors.

Branded stationery design for This Old Soul Photography