Showit eCommerce Tools to Effortlessly Sell Products Online

Setting up a shop on your site? I recommend these Showit eCommerce tools. They easily integrate with your website, allowing you to effortlessly sell digital or physical products online. If you’re launching a guide or selling your templates, these eCommerce tools work perfectly!

Shopify Starter

Shopify Starter has replaced the “Shopify Lite” program, but it continues to offer the same options for integrating e-commerce functionality into a Showit website.

  • Ideal for small shops (up to 20 products)
  • Works well with digital and physical products
  • Only $5 per month
  • My top recommendation for Showit eCommerce

How to integrate Shopify Starter with Showit

  1. Add your products (and any shipping information) to Shopify Starter
    • Use the free “Digital Downloads” app to deliver digital products.
  2. Create one shop page and/or separate product pages
  3. Embed the corresponding “buy” button to Showit, copying and pasting the corresponding code to the product page
  4. Users then purchase with the “buy” button and are directed to a checkout page

Be aware that you can either build one shop page with a single “buy” button per product that opens a checkout sidebar to complete the purchase. The alternative is separate pages for each product on Showit, and corresponding “buy” buttons for each of those pages. It works really well in either case! Photographers who sell prints tend to use one simple shop page (shown first below), whereas creatives who are selling products that need detailed explanations prefer separate product pages for each item (second image below)!

Showit eCommerce examples

One shop page with a buy button and no individual product pages

Showit eCommerce examples

Traditional shop with individual product pages for detailed product descriptions


  • Best for digital products
  • No monthly payment, just one upfront sum
  • Custom checkout page to match your brand
  • Easy setup for upsells
  • $495-690 upfront

How to set up ThriveCart on Showit

  1. Add your products to ThriveCart
  2. Create a checkout page in ThriveCart for each product
  3. Customize the ThriveCart checkout page to match your brand (add client testimonials, FAQs, brand colors, etc.)
  4. Create pages in Showit for each product
  5. Add the ThriveCart link to the corresponding buttons on your Showit pages
  6. Users click your Showit buttons which takes them to the custom ThriveCart page for the checkout process

I’ve never seen anyone use ThriveCart for a physical shop, but you definitely could! I really like that there’s no monthly payment. This saves costs in the long run.

Using Thrivecart for Showit eCommerce

Shop page with separate checkout page in ThriveCart


  • Sell digital products, memberships and subscriptions
  • Easy to bundle multiple products
  • Offers secure delivery and PDF stamping to protect digital products
  • Easy setup for upsells
  • $15 per month

How to set up SendOwl with Showit

  1. Add your products to SendOwl
  2. Create pages in Showit for each product
  3. Embed the code or link from SendOwl on the product pages
  4. Users click the button to purchase and will be redirected to the checkout page

I’ve heard SendOwl is highly recommended for digital products! Franklin & Willow uses it and gave us permission to shout her out in this explanation. Her site is shown below.

Integrate SendOwl with Showit for eCommerce

SendOwl product and cart pages

Showit eCommerce

There is one last caveat for Showit eCommerce, however. If your entire business is built on eCommerce, Showit might not be the best fit. To sell products on Showit, you often need a separate page for every single product. If you have 25 products, that means you need 30+ custom pages (don’t forget your home, about, and other pages) with both desktop and mobile views. That’s a lot to manage! Other platforms are better suited for eCommerce, allowing you to create multiple product pages without customizing them individually like you have to on Showit.

That being said, Showit is still my recommended platform for businesses with small shops and a few digital products. It’s easy to add a simple purchase button with the above platforms and is completely manageable with a few premium products!