Instagram Landing Page Tips + Free Showit Template

Instagram landing page on a phone with a beige backdrop

Looking to strategically use an Instagram landing page to get more website traffic, book more clients and increase email subscribers? No matter what your end goal is with an Instagram landing page, it’s one of the key things you need to grow your business with Instagram. (Grab your free Showit links page template here.)

What is an Instagram landing page?

An Instagram landing page is a mobile and desktop friendly page on your website that you send Instagram followers to through the link in your bio! Your Instagram profile has a placeholder for one link. That means that you can only send followers to one page at a time. The workaround for this is to manually update it every time you feature something new on Instagram or to create an Instagram landing page with links to your shop, blog, email opt-in and more.

Instagram landing page examples

Take a look at the examples below! These landing pages were designed with my free Showit links page template.

What to include on your Instagram landing page

Wondering what you should feature on your Instagram landing page? Here are some ideas!

  • Top blog posts. If you feature specific blog posts all the time, use your Instagram links page to share 1 or 2 of your favorites!
  • Email opt-in. Growing an email list? Include your sign-up link on your landing page! Or, even better, feature a free guide or template that is provided in exchange for an email!
  • Shop page. If you sell products in an online shop, you’ll definitely want a shop link on your Instagram page.
  • Contact page. Sometimes people visit your website just to get in touch. Add a link to your landing page to make things easier for your users!
  • Services page. And of course, don’t forget to highlight your services!
  • Full website link. Sometimes users just want to see your regular website right away. Include the normal link so you don’t frustrate anyone who just wants to browse your website in its full glory.
  • Menu icon. Last, but not least, your landing page should have a menu icon for users to navigate through the rest of your website!

Where to build your links page

This is often the biggest mistake made when it comes to Instagram bio links. Don’t use a third party app for your landing page! Or, in other words, don’t build your landing page on a platform other than your main site. For example, if your website is built on Showit, use Showit to build the landing page for Instagram too! The same applies to WordPress, Squarespace and so many others. Using tools like Linktree, while helpful, just continues to send traffic to someone else’s domain. (We don’t want that!)

The reason for this has to do with SEO and analytics. When you send traffic directly to your own website, you’ll have full access to the analytics so you know who is visiting, how long they’re staying on your page and what links they click on. (I use Google Analytics for this!) When using another app for your bio link, it may not even have the option to see analytics.

How your Instagram links page impacts SEO

Even more important, though, is SEO. High quality traffic sent to your website has the ability to improve your search engine rankings! Google pays attention to who visits your website and from where. When users visit your website and stick around, Google picks up on this and will boost your rankings accordingly. If you’re using another app for an Instagram links page, you’re losing out on this advantage! (You can track your website hits with a free Google Analytics account!)

Benefits of an Instagram links page

  • Sends users directly to what they’re looking for
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Improves the user experience with an on-brand, easy-to-use page
  • Boosts SEO (when hosted on your own website)
  • Potentially increases email subscribers, bookings and more
  • Totally customizable to feature exactly what you want

Instagram landing page mockup on a smart phone

Grab your free Showit Instagram landing page template

Need help creating your links page on Showit? Grab my free Showit links page template here.

Let me know if you have any questions! You can get in touch here. Check out custom Showit design services while you’re in the neighborhood!