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Why did you choose to work with me for your project?

When I was looking for a new website and branding launch, I knew Mary was the right person! She is very responsive and her amazing personality shows through her work. There are really no words to describe how on how blessed/thankful I am for her each and every single day! I had a vision and she literally made my vision come to life.

How did you feel before working together?

10/10! I felt amazing working with Mary! She made sure we stuck to a timeline and would always update me if there were bumps in the road. Her communication is on point!

What’s your favorite part of your new branding?

First off, I was I not even going to touch my branding. I thought my branding was pretty good… until I booked Mary. She killed it on everything. She made everything run so smooth from colors, fonts, logos, to all of the little touches. One of my favorite parts is that I have so many design elements in each logo.

What’s your favorite part of your new website?

My website is my baby. It is a home where people can come and view who I am! It is a place where others can have a conversation with me. I like that my clients do not have to do a lot of work searching to find what they need or to book with me. I also love my blog! It is one of my favorite things!

What was your favorite part of the design process and working with MKDS?

My favorite part of the design process was working with the logos and fonts.

Did we successfully accomplish your goals for the project?

Oh yes we did!

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

I can already see a growth! I have been booking like crazy all thanks to Mary and her suggestions. She even referred my amazing copywriter, Emily. I cannot thank Mary enough for that!

What advice would you offer someone who is on the fence about investing in custom website design?

Don’t overthink or beat yourself up about your website if it is not grabbing your audience the way you want it to. If your website is doing nothing for you and it is, then change it!

How would you sum up your experience with MKDS? Would you recommend me to a friend?

There are really no words to describe Mary’s work! Every time she sent me something, my mouth would instantly drop to the floor! She blew me away in so many ways and always came through. My logos, fonts, colors, and blog are everything that I could have wanted. Whenever I look at my website, I think, “Wow, that was worth every penny.” So yes, I always recommend Mary to people because she is so amazing.