Photography Brand + Website Design: New Adventure Productions

Photography brand and website design for New Adventure Productions by MK Design Studio

One week after launching his new photography brand and website, Nate of New Adventure Productions received an inquiry from his dream client. That’s what happens when your brand voice and website design really come together! MK Design Studio had such a blast working with Nate and we are so pumped about the success he is already seeing.

This spring we partnered with NAP to rebrand their luxury wedding photography brand and business. Then, we worked with Nate to move his existing blog and website from Squarespace to Showit. The new look for NAP is fine-art inspired, beautiful, airy, and full of lots of personality. (If you know Nate, you know what we mean!)

Keep reading to hear about Nate’s experience working with MK Design Studio!

Photography brand submark logo design

Photography brand and website design for New Adventure Productions by MK Design StudioWhat’s your favorite part of your new branding?

I am in love with our new logo and the colors. The new logo feels for my brand — super fitting. Fun, elegant and lovely — but also a little adventurous. The colors match my images perfectly and tie everything in so so nicely! There are lots of light pinks and more subtle colors in my images and I love that these colors match the website!

What’s your favorite part of your new website?

I am particularly fond of the pieces of information that scroll and the fun tidbits on the about page and steps guide. The design is easy to use and keeps the space less cluttered.

What was your favorite part of the brand design process and working with MKDS?

I really loved the Pinterest board creation step. I will admit and say that I don’t use Pinterest as much as I should. But I loved the ability to really think deeply about myself and to review what I prefer and how I want my brand to come off. It gives me a lot of excitement for the future as I continue to evolve as a business person.

Then, seeing your moodboard was like WOWWWWWW, it just brought everything into perspective and made the whole process feel tangible early on.

What was your favorite part of the website design process and working with MKDS?

I loved your attention to detail and the amount of questions you asked. The format you provided information is super clean, comprehensive, and organized. I had no problem navigating my way through your guides and questionnaires. I looked forward the each new step of the way because I knew it would lead me to being one step closer to launch.

Did we successfully accomplish your goals for the project?

Yes, yes, YES!

The website is beautiful. It’s perfect. And as I grow, Showit and the website will grow with me. It’s wonderful and the absolute best website host.

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

My prices are pushing toward the higher end for the area. But the hope is to not work locally forever. My goals in 5 years are to be hosting my own workshops, providing quality education, and travelling extensively for photography. This website and brand really exemplifies professionalism and the brand I want to share which is fun, relatable, and beautiful.

What advice would you offer someone who is on the fence about investing in custom website design?

You can spend your limited hours between photo shoots, editing, and emails to create an okay site. There are even options for you to buy templates from many different places and to swap out images and have your own site. The problem is that you’re going to have a site that is going to look like just about everyone else’s out there.

Your brand should be unique and reflect YOU. You shouldn’t be marketing to 100% of people on the globe because you’re missing your mark and you’re going to burn out. Instead, focus your energy into an ideal client. By relaying who that client is, what your dreams are, and how you see your business not just now but in 5 or 10 years, will help you to make that change today for that payoff tomorrow.

Don’t be ordinary. Be extraordinary. Mary makes it so easy.

How would you sum up your experience with MKDS?

Comprehensive, holistic, and wonderful. Mary is attentive, kind, and supportive. She knows what she is doing and is actually TIMELY. No broken promises or “I’ll get to it later.” She promises and over delivers on the product. The brand was spot on for me and the design was so exciting. It really captures what my brand is and how I want it portrayed.

Anything else you would like to share about your custom design experience?

There were so many times before investing that I kept thinking — I need a new website. I need a logo. I need something that distinguishes me and reflects the quality that I provide. MKDS has given all of that and more. I am seeing far more traffic and website interaction, inquiries, and just everything. Since launching the site, I booked a dream client Las Vegas elopement complete with an Elvis impersonator as an officiant. And I believe that my brand and website had a lot to do with it.