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Travel Brand and Tonic Template Customization

MK Design Studio collaborated with Malia Round Travel to create a cohesive brand, custom copywriting, and Tonic template customization for her website. Malia came to MKDS ready to launch her luxury travel agency, dedicated to providing concierge-level travel planning, meticulously organizing every detail for destinations around the world.

She wanted a well-designed website with SEO and an email landing page to enhance both her brand and customer growth. Seeking a simple, sleek logo design, Malia aimed for an elevated website that would attract her ideal clients.

Malia selected the Vesper template for her Tonic template customization, creating a stunning, modern brand and website for her travel business (Use code MARYK15 for 15% at Tonic Site Shop). Her site features incredible brand photos and videos, beautiful travel imagery, and feminine, sophisticated brand details that give Malia an elevated appearance.

Learn more about Malia’s experience working with MKDS below and make sure to explore Malia’s website live.

What is your favorite part of your new website?

The color branding, the photos and fonts. Oh and video!

Why did you choose to work with MKDS?

Because I saw your work on websites and I really love the beautiful aesthetic and vision you had. It was sophisticated and elegant!

Travel Brand and Tonic Template Customization
Travel Website Design
Malia Round Travel Branding

How did you feel before working on this project together?

Excited but scared! I was hoping you would guide me through the process.

What advice would you offer to someone who is on the fence about investing in custom branding and website design? How do you think this update will impact your business?

I feel a person should invest in branding and website design. I feel that it really legitimizes the new business and it tells a story about the owner of the business and that they care enough to set themselves up for success.

How would you sum up your experience with MKDS?

The best experience ever! Never intimidating or condescending to a newbie and non tech person like me. I felt I was in a safe place the entire time working as a collaborator and participant in the process. I felt so listened to and seen. MK Designs was able to see my vision and bring it to reality! I’m thrilled with my website and will have MK designs as a lifetime partner on my website updates and my branding in the years to come!!

Travel Brand and Tonic Template Customization

Travel Specialist Brand and Tonic Template Customization
Malia Round Travel Brand and Tonic Template Customization
Malia Round Travel Brand

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