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Photography brand and template customization

MKDS collaborated with Mariah of Wynkoop Photography for her brand, copy, and Tonic template customization. Mariah came to MKDS ready for a unified design that presents a more luxury, joyful, and colorful brand.

With Wynkoop Photography, Mariah honors the traditions and love stories of each of her couples in a way that is authentic to them. She uses candid imagery that captures the biggest moments of their lives. Mariah brings joy and energy to every couple’s wedding day she serves. She celebrates their love while capturing timeless imagery.

When Mariah began with MK Design Studio, she aimed to elevate her brand. She also wanted to create a website she would be obsessed with and feel confident sharing. She desired a brand identity that would captivate her ideal clients and make them excited to invest in her services. MKDS brought her vision to life with a colorful palette that everyone loves. We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Mariah and are thrilled to showcase the results.

Discover Wynkoop Photography’s stunning new brand and template customization below. Make sure to visit her live website to see it in action.

Wynkoop Photography Brand Identity
Wynkoop Photography Tonic Template Customization
Wynkoop Photography Website Template Customization
Wynkoop Photography Brand and Template Customization

Wynkoop Photography Brand and Template Customization

Photography Brand
Wynkoop Photography
Wynkoop Photography Website
Wynkoop Photography

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