Brand Launch: The Kindness Crate

Primary logo for The Kindness Crate

The Kindness Crate is a bi-monthly subscription box providing parents and kids the tools and activities to practice kindness, empathy, and gratitude through a direct connection to a specific cause in each box. Isn’t that amazing?! I was blessed to work with The Kindness Crate’s founder Tamara to establish their branding and brand visuals. One of Tamara’s desires for the branding was to include hands in some way. Hands are often seen in branding so I took it as my mission to do something a little different.

Primary logo for The Kindness Crate

What’s your favorite part of your new custom branding?

I love the new branding for The Kindness Crate because it truly represents what I hope people feel when they think of kindness. It uses hands in an innovative way to demonstrate kindness, empathy, and compassion. This branding is original and won’t be found on any automated logo generator!

What was your favorite part of the design process and working with MKDS?

Mary made the design process so easy. I feel she truly listened to what I was trying to accomplish with my business and the impact I want to have on my stakeholders. She got it immediately. Because of this, she was able to produce images and branding options that were spot on and the overall process went quickly.

Did we successfully accomplish your goals for the project?

Absolutely. Mary provided a logo, color palette, fonts, and many different options and settings for the logo. It was all beautiful and exactly what I had hoped for in a logo.

Overview of all the final brand marks for The Kindness Crate

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?/How have you already seen it impact your business?

All of my materials look professional and since Mary provided everything I needed, it’s so easy to implement.

What advice would you offer someone who is on the fence about investing in custom graphic design?

Work with Mary! She’s professional, artistic, creative, and timely. She has incredible communication skills. She listens and truly tries to capture the essence of your business in single image.

How would you sum up your experience with MKDS?


Final color palette chosen for The Kindness Crate

Submark / symbol design for The Kindness Crate